Niche Finder – A Simple And Powerful Keyword Tool

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If you’re an online marketer, you know how important it is to do keyword research properly. This will enable you to quickly move your sites into top search engine positions as you find the best niches to target. You will soon come to learn how much actual time and research is involved in finding the best keywords. So, you can see that keyword tools are a necessity; however, the majority of the tools either give too much or not enough relevant information. Therefore, when Brad Callen came out with his Niche Finder software, he took this into consideration and integrated some of the following capabilities.

Brad Callen has a reputation in the marketplace for producing tools that simplify the many tasks involved in succeeding online and his Niche Finder computer software aims to do the same. One of the challenges you face when trying to find the right keywords is gathering all the data you need and being able to quickly assess what you are going to target. This simple tool helps you keep your focus on site promotion and making money by providing a single interface that includes everything you need to get your keyword research done.

Once you input an initial keyword, the Niche Finder returns results in an easy to understand format. When trying to get a top Google ranking for a particular keyword, there are many things to take into consideration. This tool is very useful in gathering information such as backlinks and page rank. You’re given a color-coded list of keywords that helps you determine exactly how hard you will have to work to receive good results with your particular keyword phrase.

In respect of the results displayed, you will be able to see some of the essential data you need such as global and local search numbers and the total number of web sites within Google competing for the particular keyword terms. If you are already involved in niche marketing you may have your own ideas of what these numbers need to be and so you can still assess these dependant on your own standards. The cost per click figures are also shown and these are important when building adsense sites to ensure you have a chance of making enough income from clicks to make it worthwhile.

One feature that will really help you save more time is the domain availability columns alongside each keyword. The benefits of using exact match domains to boost site rankings are well known but, unfortunately, in most cases you can only find available internet addresses by performing a manual search at a registrar. The fact that you can see the availability of the .com, .net and .org extensions will make this process so much easier. If the exact match domain names are not available, the software suggests other possible related domain names.

Niche Finder, a choice keyword tool for Internet marketers, gives a lot of value for your investment based on how much time it can save and how much data it provides.

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