Taking An Inside Look At The Instant Passive Profits Program

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I am sure you have noticed that every single day a brand new and amazing system is being released to show individuals how to make money on the web. I am sure you already know that most of these so called miracle programs are basically garbage. I don’t mean to say that all the programs are crap, because you can find real genuine programs that can help you. But if you really think about it the people selling the packages don’t normally use them themselves, they just market them to make a quick buck. Here I am going to give you an insiders glance at the Instant Passive Profits program.

The sales page itself is just a video of a guy telling you that he makes use of this system to make a living on the Internet. The page itself doesn’t have any other content on it, all you see is the buy link and of course the video itself. The length of the video is 30 minutes long and the man on the video seems very honest. He goes on in the video explaining that all the products and solutions that are new products, are released the creators never tell you what the solution does. By the end of the video you will realize that he does the very same thing, you have no clue what the product or service is or what it does. He does however give you a brief look at the software, and he shows himself making use of it which takes about 20 seconds and your lead to think that is all there is to it.

At this point I am going to tell you what the program is actually all about. I am one of those people who pretty much buy every single program on the Internet in an effort to either use it and recommend it to others or determine whether it is just a scam. The first thing you should know about the program is that once you buy it you will find between 10 to 15 up sell web pages. This may come as a shock, but I didn’t invest in any of those one time offers.

Now the “amazing” software itself that only took him mere seconds to use is a software program that scrapes the search engine results pages. The way it works is you take a targeted keyword for what ever system your promoting and this software will do a search on the search engines and offers you the URL’s of the websites that are on the first couple of pages of the results. Now that you have the URL’s that you could very easily get from the search engines yourself, you now have to pay another $100 and join a pay per view program and enter these URL’s in their system. When your told to join the pay per view program they ensure that you get the link to join, which happens to be their own affiliate link for that program, which means that they earn commissions from you.

Should you wind up watching the sales video you will end up being told that with very little work you can start getting huge levels of traffic and sales. They naturally, don’t tell you that as soon as you buy their program you still need to fork out another $100 to “maybe” get this to work. The funny thing would be that the software they’re advertising really does nothing but enable you to get the search engine results, which again you can obtain yourself. Therefore, for me this is a massive waste of cash. There’s a system referred to as “Magic Traffic Accelerator” which can help you receive targeted traffic and which I do recommend.